Components at a glance

At B&B Kamine, all of the components of your new fireplace insert are of the best quality, carefully selected, and assembled by master craftsmen. This applies down to the smallest detail, even where it can’t be seen. Naturally, it also applies to the visible components, which give your insert an unmistakable appearance. Here are the most important design elements for upgrading your fireplace.

Fireplace doorsThe layout of your fireplace, function, and aesthetics are of primary importance when selecting the door shape.
Here are few possibilities.
B&B fireplace doors
SlatsOne of the most important design elements for your fireplace insert is the distinctive slats above and beneath the door, through which the airflow enters and exits. Choose from our attractive solutions:

HandlesWhether romantically playful or puristically clear – the handle on the door of your fireplace insert is much more than a purely functional element. Naturally, all models from B&B Kamine are designed so that they do not get hot when the fireplace is in operation.

Surfaces and paintYour selection of colors gives your fireplace insert a unique personal touch.
We offer you a multitude of highly heat-resistant paints.

paints and color samples

Please note that the appearance of the colors in the Internet can deviate from the actual appearance. If you want to check the color exactly, we will be happy to send you a paint sample. Free of charge, of course.
We will also be happy to fulfill your request for other colors or special surfaces. Whether you have been dreaming of bright blue, patinated copper, or real gold plating – with B&B Kamine you can make your dreams come true. Ask us for a nonbinding description of the possibilities!


Removable B&B prism tubeB&B fireplace inserts - prism tubePrism tubes are a component in the construction of fireplace inserts, which are responsible for the amount of heat output. The more there are per insert, the more positive the energy balance. However, the interior dimensions of fireplaces often limit the number of prism tubes. Because, a certain clearance between the prism tubes must be complied with so that the chimneysweep has access to the insert during inspection and cleaning.

Only B&B Kamine has a solution for this! Thanks to a special construction, the chimneysweep can remove our prism tubes during inspection and cleaning and thus has optimum access to his work area. Naturally, our prism tubes are shaped for optimum flow and ensure that soot cannot build up. As a result, they effectively increase the heat output of your open fireplace and save fuel costs.



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