Function of the fireplace insert

The best handicraft skill and decades of experience are involved in the construction of B&B fireplace inserts. Safety, longevity, and trouble-free function are a matter of course for us. But we offer even more: B&B fireplace inserts have a tested heating efficiency of 78.1 % and clearly exceed the legally required standards! Whereas the legislature will accept the lower level 1 filter effect until 2013, B&B fireplace inserts already meet the stricter values of level 2, which will be obligatory for every fireplace beginning in 2015. So why not choose the more efficient system now.


What makes B&B inserts so effective?B&B fireplace inserts - test seal and technical dataThe B&B fireplace insert provides a much higher combustion temperature and more efficient heat output from the fuel in your fireplace than with an open fire.
By means of the oxygen supply (regulator on the ash box) you directly regulate the combustion: More air = more intense combustion. Less air = weaker combustion. The exhaust air created by this is vented through the pipe system above the combustion chamber, without coming into contact with the room air. The warm air, with which you heat the room, circulates through the slats beneath the combustion chamber, flows through the heated area outside of the combustion chamber, and exits (heated) through the slats above the combustion area into the room again. Clean and unpolluted, but comfortably warm.

B&B fireplace inserts - function
  1. Double side walls
    • for better heat exchange with the surface
    • up to 50 % higher performance!
  2. Walls made of 4 mm steel
    • stress-free because it is elastic
    • for a long useful life
  3. Combustion air feed
    • regulates the intensity of the fire
    • can be adjusted by means of a valve
    • enters in the front through the ash box
    • exits through exhaust air pipes in the chimney
  4. Ventilation of the pane
    • with cold air, which is directed along the pane
    • prevents residue on the glass pane
    • panes remain clean longer
  5. Door frame
    • extra solid construction
    • no tension, therefore easy handling
    • hidden hinges for an attractive appearance
  6. Ash box
    • comfortable and clean to empt
  7. Heat accumulator
    • floor lined with refractory clay
    • for lasting heat emission
  8. Skamol paneling
    • Back wall paneling with intrinsic heat storage
    • For optimum combustion and heat output from the fuel material
    • Greatly increased heating performance
  9. Room air is heated
    • Air entry through slats beneath the door
    • Air exit through slats above the door
    • Heating while flowing through the fireplace insert
    • No mixing with the combustion air is possible

* These functions are shown here Exemplary and may be different for your device



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