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Open flames are fascinating, but are a potential risk. Flying sparks, burns, or fire risks and the emission of pollutants into the air demand careful management. Those who do not want to constantly monitor the fire can get a handle on these problems by upgrading to a modern fireplace insert by B&B Kamine. By the way, the legislature has passed legislation regarding the continued operation of open fireplaces, which will make upgrading obligatory in the next few years, as soon as the stipulated limit values are exceeded. Those who don’t want to decommission their fireplaces soon should purchase a B&B fireplace insert. We are the right contact partner for all questions related to emissions protection for open fireplaces.

The Federal Immission Control Act regulates the limit values in Germany for the emission of contaminants, which may escape from wood-burning stoves and open fireplaces. A combustion system may only emit a maximum of 150 mg/m³ dust and 4 g/m³ carbon monoxide (CO) for solid fuels. If the values exceed this, either a suitable filter must be added or the fireplace must be decommissioned.
Those who install a new fireplace must ensure that the emissions limit values are met. The act differentiates between level 1 and level 2. Level 1 is in effect after 03/22/2010 and level 2 with stricter limit values after 01/01/2015. Equipment which meets the 1st level of the act and is installed by the time that the 2nd level goes into effect on 12/31/ 2014 are protected for life. An assessment must be performed by a chimneysweep within one year after construction of the fireplace for new equipment. Upon request, we will be happy to handle this for you!
The age of an existing fireplace determines the deadline by which conversion or decommissioning must take place. The deadlines at a glance..

Those who do not want to decommission their fireplaces must install a sufficient filter system in good time. The forward-looking variant is a B&B fireplace insert, which already fulfills the requirements of level 2. Combine environmental protection with an attractive look and a greatly improved energy utilization. All of our models meet the legal requirements of level 2. The type plate on a B&B fireplace insert and the original operating instructions prove that you are buying tested quality from us.
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