Our after-sales-service

Your B&B fireplace insert will bring you many years of enjoyment. With our comprehensive after-sales-service, we ensure that you receive friendly and competent information to all questions and a solution for every problem. Your wishes are in good hands with us.


GuaranteesYou can recognize real B&B fireplace inserts by the test seal and the original operator’s handbook, which is given to you upon delivery. We provide a 5 year guarantee on the product and the installation of B&B fireplace inserts. This assumes proper operation with permissible fuels. Please note the guarantee conditions.


Replacement partsB&B fireplace inserts have been carefully manufactured of high-quality material. However, if individual components must be replaced over time, we can quickly supply and install the required replacement part. Our inventory makes it possible for us to react extremely quickly.


RepairsB&B fireplace inserts are long-lasting and low-maintenance. With proper use, no damage normally occurs. However, if the fireplace insert is damaged, please inform us. Our repair team will quickly set up an appointment with you. Naturally, we also repair inserts of other manufacturers.


ChangesYour B&B fireplace insert works and matches the order – But you want to change something? Perhaps for practical or aesthetic reasons? No problem! Our team will support you in giving your fireplace precisely the appearance that you want. Contact us. We will show you what is possible and naturally advise you free of charge.



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